Noble Capital is generally sector agnostic. Instead we apply a consistent, internal methodology to unearth and structure bankable and high return opportunities across a number of industries, and see opportunities where others may not.

We seek to work with high quality entrepreneurs, who have a proven record, and are looking for a trusted transaction advisory partner to help navigate an offshore capital raise or structured financing, perhaps for the first time.


Education is of vital importance to the long term growth of emerging and developing economies, and is very much a hot sector for Noble Capital and its investors.

We can assist in raising expansion capital for existing schools, as well as providing corporate advisory services for greenfield projects looking to start-up a new school or University. We have also worked on the development of student accommodation for the education sector.

Financial Institutions

Banks, insurers and micro financing Institutions are key drivers of growth in emerging markets, providing liquidity and credit to the public and private sector, stimulating trade, consumption and investment.

As regulated entities, many international investors like to lend through local banks, and view them as key risk mitigation partners for certain direct lending transactions.

Noble works closely with a range of banks and FIs and has a track record of raising commercial and developmental capital for the sector. We have also assisted banks with loan sell-downs, syndications, as well as treasury and money market solutions.


Noble Capital places a great deal of emphasis on the importance of FinTech as a developmental driver within emerging markets and the financial inclusion benefits that the FinTech revolution can bring.

Having worked with many FinTech professionals, Noble Capital has developed a deep product knowledge within the sector and a strong cohort of sector specialist investors within the VC and FinTech space.


Noble Capital works with manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods, such as dietary and household staples, who are poised to benefit from rising incomes and living standards.

We help family-owned or single entrepreneur businesses to institutionalise their operations and improve their governance, in order to attract growth capital for expansion into new products or territories.

Food & agriculture

Noble Capital can help issuers understand and access the diverse pools of capital that are available to projects across the food and agriculture value chains.

We assist with social-impact projects such as linking small-holder farmers to the market-place, revolutionising the value chain through technological and FinTech solutions, through to assisting with large-scale project finance type funding solutions for agro-processors and distributors.


The health and wellness value chain is extensive. From primary care units, specialist hospitals and clinics, to pharmacies and tech providers – this sector attracts significant interest from our international investor base. 

Industrial & manufacturing

A robust manufacturing sector is broadly understood as a fundamental path to economic growth and development.

Noble Capital and its investor base recognise that industrialisation can generate rapid structural change, drive development, and alleviate poverty and unemployment. Consequently, this is a sector in which we are heavily engaged and have a diverse range of experience.

Media & telecoms

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sector in emerging market jurisdictions is awash with opportunity, from communications infrastructure through to data centres and media outlets. The Noble team has significant capabilities in driving strategy, M&A and capital raising ambitions within the sector.

Oil & gas

Noble Capital has expertise in capital raising across the O&G sector, including upstream, midstream, downstream and O&G service industries as well as outright O&G asset sales.

Ports, maritime & logistics

From major port development and infrastructure, vessel acquisition and building out of logistics businesses across emerging market jurisdictions, Noble Capital can access and mobilise international capital to invest in these sectors.

Power & energy

Many emerging markets, Sub-Saharan Africa in particular, need more power plants, distribution lines, and other grid infrastructure to electrify homes, schools and businesses.

Whether it’s utility scale plants, corporate and industrial solutions, or rural mini-grids, Noble has worked on a variety of power projects across technologies, and can assist developers to access capital, as well as specialist energy funds to identify attractive projects.

Real estate & hospitality

Noble Capital has a wealth of experience in delivering results across this sector. Ranging from residential, commercial and industrial developments, the team have the in-house knowledge from a structuring perspective and the investor relations connectivity and capabilities to assist with capital raising within the sector.

Water & sanitation

Water and sanitation is a key area of infrastructure investment for emerging economies. In Africa alone, more than 300 million people don’t have access to safe and clean drinking water and almost 700 million live without access to improved sanitation.

Noble Capital is engaged in ongoing opportunities within the sector to assist with investments in infrastructure, operations and maintenance and efficient management of water resources.



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