Corporate Advisory

Noble Capital is led by a team of finance professionals, whose collective experience spans many decades of investment banking, institutional brokerage, and corporate finance at top tier global firms in London, New York, the Middle East, Asia and Africa – resulting in broad and deep relationships with a large pool of international institutional investors.

Leveraging these relationships, Noble’s mission is to provide a full service suite of corporate finance advisory and fundraising services.


Noble Capital can provide wide-range of consultancy services to assist corporate and government clients with expertise in relation to project development in emerging market jurisdictions.

The consultancy services span a variety of specialisms including assistance with project feasibility studies, assisting with piecing together projects from an early stage, and developing strategic partnerships assisting companies with mergers and acquisitions.

Insurance Services

Noble Capital can assist clients in finding bespoke risk mitigation solutions via insurance wraps and coverage for certain events.

Coupling in-house expertise and experience with strong contacts into Lloyds of London insurance firms, Noble Capital assists with solutions in the following areas: country risk, political risk and trade credit, energy, marine, political violence and terrorism, property, construction, aviation, liability and specialty risks.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers, acquisitions and disposals are a key tool for implementing corporate strategy, be it expansion into new products or markets, or realising capital for investing or returning to shareholders.

Noble Capital can assist its clients in making the right strategic decisions by utilising its expertise and widespread networks within emerging market jurisdictions.

Social Impact Evaluation

Social impact is the effect an organisation’s actions have on the wellbeing of a community. Social impact evaluation is a process of understanding how much social change occurs in a specific environment, which can be attributed to an organisation’s activities.

The integrity of the process is usually bolstered by an impact statement and a clear impact-driven, stakeholder-focused strategy. Noble Capital’s social impact assessment solutions are used by clients to predict and mitigate negative impacts and identify opportunities to enhance benefits for local communities and broader society.

Our expertise and experience in this area extends cross-sector, and can add significant value to a project. Our counsel enables and empowers clients to create sustainable and equitable biophysical and human environments.

Tech Solutions

Alongside our own proprietary tech solutions, Noble Capital and its partners offer tech based solutions for clients, ranging from implementation of digital strategy and marketing through to assistance in building fully automated exchange type solutions.

Trust Services

Through partnerships and associations, Noble Capital assists clients with the formation and administration of Special Purpose Vehicles, Foundations, and Investment Funds and Trusts.

We also provide full back office accounting and administration services and supporting tax and business advice.



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